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Fallen Angel (written by Shinlin Lam translated by oricon)

Part(1) - An Interesting Girl

It was a bright and sunny morning, the place being a girl high school in Tokyo. 
Wearing a tight fitting black T-shirt under a black jacket with black jeans and 
matching black shoes and black helmet was a young slim girl.  She also rode a 
black bike into the school compound so her black dressing was very eye-catching, 
especially when she took off her helmet to reveal her short golden hair, which 
attracted even more attention. When she spoke, her crystal clear voice, which 
betrays no emotion leaving one guessing, would stir up a discussion among the 
students. She heaved a sigh of relief: "Phew, nearly late for the first day of 

A group of students in school uniform immediately started a discussion: "Although 
she dresses like a bad and vile gangster, her voice and her childlikeness with her 
slightly dark complexion don't make her out to be that kind of person. Her voice 
is just so nice to hear, and can compare to our school belle. Her looks aren't 
bad although not as pretty as our school belle." Another student commented, 
"However, I don't recall seeing her before. Is she a transfer student? Ah! A few 
days ago, I unwittingly heard the principal saying that there is a very ill 
disciplined student transferring to our school. Don't tell me she's the one?"
Yet another student continued, "Probably, however, I can't imagine it. She has a 
cool dress sense, and daring enough to ride her bike to the school, and even dying 
her hair gold. Although she is a bit on the short side, hmmíK. About 157, give and 
take, I think! However, if she were a guy, I would fall in love with her. Since 
she's a girl, she has to be wary of the lesbians in our school then. Also, dressing 
so daringly, she'd be punished heavily by our disciplinarian since no one dares to 
dye their hair or ride motorbikes into the school or wear home clothes to school. 
This led to a student's comment, "That's right! Won't someone quickly go and warn 
her about this?" Upon finishing her sentence, a babyfaced longhaired beautiful girl 
dressed very neatly, walked towards the golden-haired girl and said, "Welcome to our 
school, hope to learn more from you in the future. My name is Noriko, how about you?" 
The golden-haired girl replied cheerfully, "My name is Nanase, do you mind bringing me
to the Principal's office?" while thinking: "Didn't expect someone to be so sincere 
in wanting to be my friend from the start." Noriko's reply was an immediate "OK!"
After they left, the students immediately started chatting: "Hey, hey, hey! Wasn't 
that our school belle? Was she trying to pull friends to her circle again? However, 
why doesn't she ever consider the people's background before she tries to befriend 
them? This transfer student had such a daring dress sense that even if she seems friendly, 
she gives the impression that she is not one to be trifled with. Hey, Shomi, aren't you 
one of her friends? You should go and advise her!"

Shomi replied, "You got a point. Even I don't know what friends she had made already. 
I should advise her because she is very gullible since she treats everyone so well. 
I would have to find a chance to have a talk with her. She is after all the school 
belle and is always so busy."

Meanwhile, as Noriko is bringing Nanase to the Principal's office, she asked, "Nanase, 
which school were you from previously?" To which Nanase unhesitatingly replied,  "I was 
transferred from some other school in Tokyo." Noriko continued, "Do you stay with your 
family?" A shadow crossed Nanase's face as she answered, "I drove my Dad crazy, and this 
school was his last attempt at finding me a school. My mother died when I was the age of 5." 
Noriko didn't there to probe further after that, and continued to bring her to the office. 
At the Principal's office, Noriko stood by Nanase's side, listening to the scolding, 
which the principal generously gave to the latter. He stood up angrily, saying, "Nanase, 
how dare you be so insolent! I let you study here only on the account that your father 
pleaded with me. If it weren't the fact that I owe him gratitude, I would not even consider 
letting you in! Not even if your father knelt down and begged! The school here is a cultured 
one, meaning every student has to wear the school uniform, neatly and smartly! Also, no 
student would dye their hair, so how could you break the school rules on your first day??! 
Nanase remained indifferent, replying, "Sir, have you finished? Then, find someone to 
take me to my class! I still want to take a tour of the school!"

Upon hearing this, the principal gave a sigh, "Alright, you will be the exception as long 
as you do not create any trouble or tarnish the school's name. Now, Noriko, please take 
Nanase to your class. Both of you try to get along in the same class. After school, you might 
want to take Nanase around the school for a short tour and maybe introduce her to the various 
clubs she might like to join. You must see that she learns to behave and take care you do 
not be influenced by her ways. You are after all the school belle!" Nanase impatiently butted 
in, "Mr Principal, are you finished yet?! Let's go!" saying that, she pulled Noriko out of 
the office. The principal sighed, "It's myself who gets this troubleíK" (Why did the principal 
say this? You'll gradually find out when you read finish this fanfic!) They came to Class 
2-7, and class had started for about 5, 6 minutes already. Noriko introduced the new student 
to the teacher and other students: "She just transferred from some Tokyo school, her name is 
Nanase. Although she dresses differently from the rest of you, she has a good character in my 
opinion. Probably so, but then I just knew her so I'm not sure. Anyway, do get along with her!" 
This led to smiles on the students. A student by the name of  Asami then laughingly added in, "
Ha ha ha! The power of our school belle is still as strong as ever! Don't you guys agree?" 
The whole class immediate response was a "Yeah!"

Hearing what the rest said, Noriko blushed. A few students exclaimed, "Hey, wasn't that the 
girl riding the motorbike today?" "That's right! Isn't that great? She actually transferred 
to our class!" Noriko realized that the class had a good impression of Nanase so she signaled 
her to give a self-introduction. However, Nanase did not know what she meant and shouted, 
"If you'd something to say, say it! Why beat around the bush!" This created an uproar of 
laughter in the class. Asami smiled saying, "Wow, didn't expect this new student to fit in 
so well, and actually came up with such a drama with the school belle!" Another uproar of 
laughter followed suit and Noriko softly told Nanase, "I meant you to introduce yourself! 
Best you make it interesting or you'd be left alone. This class is known to be like that 
and always stick together. Nanase then understood the class was one that prides itself for 
comedy, and felt that it really suited her. She then said, "You guys heard the school belle's 
introduction? I'm sure you all remember my name already right? So I won't need to introduce 
myself again! Finished! At ease!" With that, she also did some movements. The whole class 
became silent. A few seconds later, they burst out laughing, Mami laughed out loud, "Ha ha! 
That's really funny! Did you think this was an army camp?" Asami followed suit, "You're 
really awesome! You just came into our class and you already know our habits! You're comparable 
to our school belle! Alright! Let's get along well with Nanase then! I believe she will be 
a good friend to us all!"

Mami pointed out, "But she dyed her hair gold and she does not wear our school uniform, 
she doesn't blend in with us." Noriko promptly replied, " The principal made an exception 
for her. Hope you guys can understand. She has always been like that. Some things are hard 
to change." After listening to Noriko, Mami said, "Since it's the principal's decision, 
then we won't pursue this matter. The other students won't mind I think, since she does not 
look irritating or such. However, what if it is the disciplinarian? How should we handle 
the matter then? Nanase didn't wait for Noriko to reply, "This, you have no need for worry. 
I have my means to handle. Actually, this dressing outside school doesn't mean anything. 
It's my way of life and I don't think I can change it. Don't worry! Nanase is not so easily 
defeated!" After hearing what she said, Mami admiringly said, "Alright! That's a positive 
thinking! I just lost to you! You have eloquence man!" Nanase had mixed feelings when she 
heard that. "What that about?" Noriko softly explained into her ear, "That was a small test
 to new students" With that, Nanase finally understood, saying, "OhíK. I see."