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cyber risky
since 19980901last updated 20100502

The establishment of Cyber Risky, the online unofficial Nanase Aikawa Fans Club, is for gathering fans of Nanase Aikawa from all over the net. Joining us is completely free, and you will get lots of benefits including monthly newsletter of club activities, audio clips of nanase songs, tons of nanase pics, and much much more to come. If you are a nanase fans, JOIN US NOW!!

網上非官方相川七瀨歌迷會 Cyber Risky 的組成目的在於集合網上各地的七瀨歌迷, 互相交流. 會費全免, 會員優惠包括每月會報, 歌迷會活動, 七瀨歌曲試聽, 七瀨圖像等等. 如果你/妳是七瀨歌迷, 請加入我們!

latest release of nanase 七瀨最新作品
7th album -The Last Quarter~to all those who are in love now~
2001.9.27 release

Cu-Copper's comment: a mini album featuring 7 ballad songs, recorded during the last quarter of nanse's pregnancy. a really refreshing try for her, this album is a lot different from the previous ones. firstly, as mentioned before this is a ballad album, so don't expect any speedy songs like "like a hard rain" or "seven seas." nanase has really improved a lot in singing ballad songs over the years. also, the songs are provided by various friends of nanase, so you can expect the songs to be really different in style from others. last but not least, this album is actually produced by nanase herself (yes, not oda nor hotei) and the seventh and last song "THE LAST QUARTER" is written by nanase herself, including lyrics and melody (yes, I think it's the first song that nanase is responsible for the melody). so don't miss that album!

news update
3.21 : TO MEMBERS : the march newsletter has been sent to you. if you cannot receive it, please contact us.
8.21 : TO MEMBERS : the august newsletter has been sent to you. if you cannot receive it, please contact us.
6.2 : TO MEMBERS : the june newsflash has been sent to you. members with invalid email addresses are deleted. if you cannot receive our email, please check if you are on the deleted list, and notify us if you want to remain to be a member.
12.5 : TO MEMBERS : the december newsletter has been sent to you. if you cannot receive it, please contact us. minor updates
9.5 : TO MEMBERS : the September NewsLetter has been sent to you. If you cannot receive it, please contact us. us know. we will try to deliver a newsletter within this month. whole website generally updated.

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