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12.18 (tue)
onw year after "NO FUTURE" and "~dandelion~", nanase will release her new single in 02.2.6! The title is unknown yet, but the title song is going to be a rock song.
"NO FUTURE" 及 "~dandelion~" 推出後一年, 七瀨將於 02.2.6 推出全新細碟! 細碟名稱 未定, 但點題歌將會是一首搖滾味重的歌曲!

9.11 (Tue)
we are glad to tell you that nanase gave birth to her 3.2 kg baby boy on 9.6, about sunset time. both the baby and nanase are healthy, staying in hospital right now, and will be discharged early this week if everything goes well. immediately after the delivery, nanase sent this message to all fans:

"thank you for the concern and support from all of you. the delivery was smooth and we are all relieved of all the worries. right after the delivery, I thought: if everytime the delivery can be so smooth (even better than what I thought before), I want to try more!"

the above information is confirmed by the official nanase homepage. congratulations to nanase and her family!

我們很高興告訴您, 我們的七瀨已於九月六日黃昏時份誕下一個 重 3.2 公斤的男孩了! 現在母子平安, 正於醫院休養, 預計於 本週初便可以出院. 剛誕下男嬰的七瀨向歌迷發放了以下信息:

"多謝大家的關心和支持. 生產的過程很順利, 大家都鬆了一口氣. 完成後我再想: 如果每次都像這次一樣比想像中還要順利的話, 我也想試多幾次呢!"

以上資料源自官方網頁. 恭喜七瀨及她的家人!

9.5 (Wed)
"The Last Quarter" cover is out now. This album, with the effort of various musicians like Onda Yoshihito, Furuuchi Toko, Kawamura Yuka and others, will be out on 9.27!
"The Last Quarter" 的封面. 這張集多位音樂人之力(恩田快人, 古內東子, 川村結花等) 製作而成的唱片, 將於 9.27 推出!

7.3 (Tue)
Band Score of fifth album "PURANA" is out now, punlished by DOREMI music. The picture on the left is the cover for the latest "Risky Press", the newsletter of the official "Risky Cat".
第五張大碟 "Purana" 的樂譜已經推出, 由 DOREMI 樂譜出版社推出. 左圖為官方 "Risky Cat" 的會報 "Risky Press" 最新一期的封面.

2.28 (Wed)
Breaking news: Nanase is pregnant and married! She was married on 01.2.16, her 26th birthday. She got pregnant 3 months ago. Nanase announced this with a hand-written letter to all the members of the official fan club "Risky Cat", and it was announced on TV news and newspaper, so I am pretty sure that it is true. Nanase will continue to be in the music scene, she will stay in studio the coming autumn, and after the baby is born next year, she will be back in stage!
我們的七瀨結婚了! 七瀨已於 01.2.16, 其廿六歲生辰結婚, 並且在腹中已有三個月的小生命! 七瀨向所 有官方歌迷會 "Risky Cat" 的會員發出了親筆寫下的信息, 在各大電視及報章亦有廣泛報導. 七瀨將會 繼續其音樂事業, 在秋天將主力在錄音室工作, 到明年小生命出世後就會復出舞台!

2.25 (Sun)
Fifth album "Purana" is released on 2.21! Next PV collection "Chain Reaction" will be released on 3.7!
第五張大碟 "Purana" 已於 2.21 面世! PV 集 "Chain Reaction" 將於 3.7 推出!