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12.28 (Thur)
The second single to be released on 1.31 is titled "~dandelion~".
第二張在一月三十一日推出的單曲定名為 "~dandelion~".

12.17 (Sun)
A long 5 months wait after "SEVEN SEAS", Nanase will release 2 maxi singles on 01.1.31! It is the first time Nanase releases 2 items on the same day. The first single is "NO FUTURE" (CTCR-40058), which includes the opening theme song of TBS anime "ZOID". The title of the second single (CTCR-40065) is not available yet, but there will be 2 songs with 4 different versions, one of which will be the ending song of FUJI TV's "PRO baseball NEWS". Another release news: Nanase will release her 5th original album on 2.21. The album, which title is still unavailable, will include 13 tracks with 'midnight blue", "SEVEN SEAS" and "NO FUTURE". First press limited edition will include bonus track and non-stop remixes.
"SEVEN SEAS" 推出的五個月後, 相川將於下年的一月三十一日一口氣推出兩張細碟! 這將是相川第一次 在同一日推出兩張作品. 第一隻 single "NO FUTURE" (CTCR-40058) 收錄 TBS 系動畫 "ZOID" 的開場曲; 第二隻未命名的細碟收錄富士電視台 "PRO 野球 NEWS" 的完場曲, 包括了兩首歌共四個版本. 另一則新作消息: 第五張大碟(未命名)將於二月二十一日推出. 迢張大碟將收錄 "midnight blue", "SEVEN SEAS" 及 "NO FUTURE" 等共十三首歌. 初回隈定版加送附加歌曲及不停混音版.

11.11 (Sat)
Nanase will release the next single 5 months after the latest "SEVEN SEAS", on 01.1.31 (CTCR-40058). The title song will be the opening theme for TBS anime "ZOID". New album will be out in February! 11.9 was the 5th debut anniversary for Nanase. As usual, a costume party was held for Nanase. Nanase wore as a high school kid in the party. However, Tetsuro Oda said she didn't really match her uniform because she was still drinking a lot! Also, according to the official homepage, there will be no official Nanase 2001 calender. Too bad!
相川將於 "SEVEN SEAS" 推出五個月後的 2001.1.31 推出新細碟 (編號 CTCR-40058)! 點題歌將會 是 TBS 系動畫 "ZOID" 的開場歌. 新大碟將於二月推出! 11.9 是相川出道五週年紀念, 如以往一樣大家 為相川舉辦了一個化妝舞會. 相川以一身高校男生的打扮 出場. 但師傅織田哲充說相川在那夜仍然是喝了很多酒, 和其高中生打扮不太配合呢! 另外, 根據官方 網頁, 相川將不會推出 2001 年的官方月曆. 十分可惜呢!

10.7 (Sat)
New single will be released on 12.13. Details are not available yet.
新細碟將於 12.13 推出. 詳情尚未公佈.

9.7 (Thur)
Next video "Live Emotion 2000 FOXTOT" will be released on 9.20 (video: CTVR-98008 dvd: CTBR-92007). Two products of nanase have been released by avex asia (not japan): "The Singles Collection Asia Limited Edition" which includes one audio cd and one vcd of 5 pvs, and a best clip collection which contains pvs only. What's more, Nanase will participate in a live event called "GROOVE DYNASTY 2000 -high touch-" on 10.27, in Tokyo International Forum Hall A, as a guest vocal. Also joining the live event are LUNA SEA's Sugizo and globe's Keiko. 新 video "Live Emotion 2000 FOXTROT" 將於 9.20 發行 (video: CTVR-98008 dvd: CTBR-92007). avex asia (不在日本發售) 發行了兩張七瀨作品: "The Singles Collection Asia Limited Edition" 包括了一張 audio cd 及 一張包含五個 pv 的 vcd; 另一張則是 pv 精選, 只包含 pv. 七瀨將於 10.27 以客席歌手的身份參予於 Tokyo International Forum Hall A 舉行的一個名為 "GROOVE DYNASTY 2000 -high touch-" 的演出. LUNA SEA 的 Sugizo 及 globe 的 Keiko 亦會 參予是次演出.

7.11 (Tue)
The next single to be released on 8.9 has been titled "SEVEN SEAS". The maxi single, also produced by Tomoyasu Hotei, will include 4 songs: SEVEN SEAS, midnight blue (live), trust me (live) and SEVEN SEAS (remix version). "SEVEN SEAS" is a cm song for AUBE Lipsticks, starred by Kelly Chen.
Nanase will take part in a live event called "MTV Music Summit 2000" in Taiwan on 8.12 and 8.13. Nanase is also picked as "MTV artist of August" in Taiwan, in which there will be special programs about Nanase. 將於 8.9 推出的 maxi 細碟已定名為 "SEVEN SEAS". 這是第二張由布袋寅泰監製的細碟, 將收錄 SEVEN SEAS, midnight blue (現場), trust me (現場) 及 SEVEN SEAS (特別混音). "SEVEN SEAS" 是 AUBE 唇膏的廣告歌, 由陳慧琳演出.
另外, 相川將於八月首次到台灣, 參予在 8.12 及 8.13 舉行的 "MTV Music Summit 2000". 相川同時被選為 "MTV 八月之星", 到時將有一連串的相川特集在台灣播出.

6.8 (Thur)
"midnight blue" is ranked #10 in the first week of the Oricon single chart. Next single will be released on 8.9, which is also a maxi single produced by Tetsuro Oda. It will be a CM song for a big cosmetic company.
"midnight blue" 新上 Oricon 細碟榜排第十位. 下一張細碟將於 8.9 推出, 同樣 是由布袋寅泰監製, 將會是大型化菻~的廣告曲.

5.1 (Mon)
The cover of the coming maxi single "midnight blue". The release day is postponed by 2 week, now it is scheduled to be released on 5.31. Producer Hotei Tomoyasu will play the guitar part in the songs! The c/w song is "trust me".
新細碟 "midnight blue" 的封面. 發行日期推遲了兩星期, 現決定 於 5.31 推出. 監製布袋寅泰將負責歌曲中的結他部份! c/w 歌為 "trust me".

3.8 (Wed)
Next single will be released on 5.17, which will be a fast song produced by Hotei Tomoyasu, instead of Tetsuro Oda!
相 川 的 下 一 張 細 碟 將 於 5.17 推 出 . 有 別 於 以 往 所 有 細 碟 和 大 碟 由 織 田 哲 郎 監 製 的 傳 統 , 這 將 會 是 一 隻 由 日 本 結 他 祖 師 布 袋 寅 泰 監 製 的 一 首 快 歌 !

2.28 (Wed)
"FOXTROT" is ranked 3rd in the this week of oricon album chart.
"FOXTROT" 在 本 週 的 Oricon 大 碟 榜 新 入 榜 佔 第 三 位.

1.26 (Wed)
The cover of the coming album "FOXTROT". The first press limited edition will include a second CD which had 3 songs from the 1.11 secret live (Sweet Emotion, China Rose and BUB)
新大碟 "FOXTROT" 的封面. "FOXTROT" 的初回限定版將付送第二隻 CD, 收錄三首 Secret Live 中 的歌曲 (Sweet Emotion, China Rose, BUB).

00.1.18 (Tue)
Nanase held a "secret live" on 1.11, only 700 of the fan club members were invited. Both Oriental Daily and Apple Daily had articles about this live!
相 川 於 1.11 在 橫 濱 舉 行 了 一 場 神 秘 演 唱 會 , 只 有 700 位 歌 迷 會 會 員 被 抽 中 能 夠 參 予 . 蘋 果 日 報東 方 日 報 都 有 報 導 這 次 演 唱 會 的 實 況 !