An A-Z of Kelly Chen (always updating)

Age : Age is women's secret! But Kelly is 28.Kelly
Birth : Kelly was born in 72.9.13, a Wednesday in Hong Kong.
Chinese Name : Chen Hui Lin (陳慧琳).
Debut album : Charming Lover (醉迷情人), released on 95.12.12.
Education : Kelly studied in Rosaryhill School (玫瑰崗學校) from Primary 1 until Junior Secondary, before she went to study in Canadian Acdemy in Kobe, Japan. After that, she went to New York to study Graphic Design at university level.
Family : Kelly has an elder sister, a younger brother with her parents.
Go East : Kelly is the first singer under the label Go East (正東).
Height : Kelly has 5'8" tall, quite tall for a Chinese girl!
Interests : Kelly likes reading and singing.
Japanese Drama : In early 99, Kelly has finished her first TV Drama "Ghost's Home" (鬼之棲家).
Karaoke : At spare time, Kelly will sing karaoke with other singers in Go East.
Latest album : "Big Days" , released on 00.12.
Movies : Kelly has casted in several local movies, like "天涯海角", "安娜瑪德蓮娜", "幻影特攻" and so on.
Noddle : Instant Noddle is Kelly's favorite food!! Me too!Kelly
O : Kelly's bloodtype is O.
Producer : Most of Kelly's songs are produced by Mark Lui (雷頌德).
Queen of CM : Kelly casts in many commercials, like Shiseido pN series (資生堂), Epson printer, Sifon Shampoo, Manhattan credit card and so on.
Real Name : Vivian Chen Hui Wen (陳慧汶).
SMAP X SMAP : Kelly likes Takuya Kimura (木村拓哉) and she hopes that she can goto SMAP X SMAP to taste the food the members cook!
VCDs : Kelly has released several VCDs, like Karaoke , MTV collection, live concerts and so on.
Worst subject in school : Chemistry made Kelly headache.

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