Basic Information

Name : Nanase Aikawa ()

Birthday : 16th of February, 1975

Birthplace : Osaka, Japan

Bloodtype : AB

Height : 157 centimetres

Weight : 39 kilograms

Eyesight : L/R 0.7

Family members : parents (divorced), younger sister

Record Company : Avex Trax

Label : Motorod

Producer : Tetsudo Oda, Tomoyasu Hotei (since "midnight blue")

Fan Club : Risky CAT

How to begin career : Nana-chan abandoned from high school and was trained by Tetuso Oda for 5 years. She started her career with her debut single "don't wanna be dream girl" on 8/11/1995

Miscellaneous Stuffs

Favorite color : Black

Favorite number : 3

Favorite time : Night

Favorite season : Spring

Interests : Reading manga, cookery, photography

Pet : Two cats called "Tonakai" and "Risky"

Friends in the same field : Takuro (Glay), Inoran (Luna Sea), Puffy, T.M.Revolution

Respectful persons : All mothers in the world

Condition for love : Honesty

Money mostly spent on : Food

What to buy if given plenty of money : CD

Average sleeping time : 4 hours